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Toy American Eskimos

Toy Eskies, or Eskimo Puppies, are the smallest of 3 sizes and highly sought after for their petite puppy like size. They stand between 9 & 12 inches and weigh less than 10 pounds. They have striking black points on face, (as do all Eskies). Black lips, nose, eyes. Ears stand up, and fluffy little tales curl over their backs. They look similar to a an Arctic Fox. Wonderful pets for all ages and do well in smaller living areas.

Toy American Eskimo dogs or puppies are not a breed that originated in North America. Surprisingly to many, the Eskimo breed was introduced from Germany and in the wake of WW1, American breeders changed the name to something more appealing. are neither from the United States nor of indigenous Arctic origin—“Eskimo” was part of the name of a kennel that bred them.

Characteristics of Toy Eskies or Eskimos

  • Highly intellegent
  • Toy Eskimo Puppies have moderate energy levels
  • Adult Toy Eskimos weight 6-10 pounds & live 13-15 years 

Toy American Eskimos Dogs for Sale

We currently have no Toy American Eskimos for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our Toy American Eskimos become available.