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Wondering if You Should Choose a Bichomo Puppy?

About The Bichomo Breed & Puppies

A recently new designer breed, between an American Eskimo and a Bichon Frise.

Hypoallergenic, sturdy compact little dogs they are not cookie cutter dogs, they all have unique features perfectly matched to their personalities. Ears up, ears down or 1 up and one down, all their tails do curl up and over body. Hair differs slightly, little curly or straight. Coloring varies from white, cream and beige.

The combined features of both breeds enhance the best of the other. Fluffiness but very low shedding. Remarkable black markings on face, Wonderful temperaments, and great family dogs and/or ideal in apartments. Very social, smart and loving dogs.

The hypoallergenic is a plus for those individuals with sensitivities, to dander(fur), saliva, (they do not drool).

Bichomo Size & Personalities

Full grown dogs will stay small, normally staying less than a foot high at full maturity. The Bichomo is a relatively active breed but, due to their small size, they do well in small houses or apartments. The breed is very popular because they are hypoallergenic dogs that do not shed much and are clean - not much drooling or smell. This is not a guard dog but they are extremely loyal and protective of their owners.

Check Out Our Bichimo Puppies for Sale

Bichomos Dogs for Sale

We currently have no Bichomos for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our Bichomos become available.

About Our Bichomos Breeding

These cuties are a remarkable combination, intelligent, spunky, Together they bring out the best of each breed and helps sensitive individuals, (allergies fur, dander and saliva). Designed to be the perfect puppy. A compact and sturdy little dog, does well living in apartments, travel light, great for families with small children.