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Arctic Spitz or POMSKY Puppies

What is a Pomsky Puppy?

Pomskies are a newer breed. They are a hybrid of purebred Pomeranian and purebred Husky. They were started at Apex Kennels in Arizona through AI (artificial insemination). Mom is traditionally Husky, due to the size differences. We love the Spitz family of dogs which includes Eskimos and Pomeranians. Pomskies are loveable, cuddly, and with the smaller size we breed, unique and fun. 

The classifications

  •  The classification is F1 which is always artificially impregnated. They are roughly 30-50 pounds full grown. 
  • F2 is the second generation where some are naturally bred, and AI. These are typically 18-35 pounds. 
  • F3 are third generation and smaller. 10-20 pounds.

We are proud to announce that we are “Micro” F3 breeders with a litter of F4 due February 24. They will be 5-10 pounds (averaging 9 pounds) as adult Pomskies. 

The Colors and Coats 

The American Kennel Club is now recognizing the Pomsky as a breed. Arctic Spitz is the official new name of Pomsky. The variants of colors and masks are genuinely breathtaking. We strive for amazing to exclusive. Truly unique breed. The AKC has defined Arctic Spitz to include Pomeranian, Husky, Malamute, and Eskimo. We have 3 of the 4. They are family! 

They have double coats. They have 3 coat differences from Plush (very fluffy) Wooly (bushy) to standard (lass fluffy). They all have short hair on their faces. 

Quick Facts on Pomskies 

  • The Pomeranian is a cousin to American Eskimo, -Some breeders do F1 or F2b, which is bred back to that particular generation. They also include 75-25 percentages in Pomeranian to Husky ratio. 25-75 Pomeranian Husky. Including combinations there within.
  • Blue eyes or parti eyes are generally very quick to sell.
  • Masks are another high selling point.
  • Colors can be solid, white Pomskies. Or tri-colored, and piebald which is patches of clots.
  • All Arctic Spitz has the curled plume tails.
  • Every Pomsky/Arctic Spitz is unique and breathtaking.
  • If you are in the market for an Eskimo or a Pomsky, we may have what you are looking for, or can help you find your new furry best friend. - -We look forward to hearing from you.
  • We are definitely excited about this upcoming litter, can’t wait to share this incredible journey. 

We could go on and on, if you have any questions please contact us.

Other Arctic Spitz Breeders 

There are several Arctic Spitz breeders, but it is a small community. We all know and respect one another as breeders and their programs. We would be happy to give references to these breeders. They are great.. They are truly amazing, I am truly grateful and blessed to have met such remarkable Pomsky breeders. 

Toy & Micro Pomsky or Arctic Spitz Litters For Sale

Bri & Sedona POMSKY

Bri & Sedona POMSKY

Breed: Toy & Micro Pomsky or Arctic Spitz

Availability: Available For Purchase

Litter Born: 05/10/21

Price: Call for pricing

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We welcomed 3 new Pomskies. Their eyes are opened. They are so cute, now accepting deposits They will be ready July 5. 
They are F4 50/50 Pomsky. Should have blue eyes. 

About Our Toy & Micro Pomsky or Arctic Spitz Breeding

Championship winning breeders in our Pomsky lines. Best of the best. Some genuinely exceptional progeny.