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Our Adults

Wasatch Eskimo Puppies adults used in our breeding program.


  • Jaxsen


    Jaxsen is 9 lb toy Eskimo, he is a zoom ball of fluff, rambunctious, humble, feisty, sweet, active, lovable, cuddle bug.

    Weight: 9 lbs


  • Seneca


    Seneca is a small mini American Eskimo, she is bright, clever, loving, strong, gentle, fearless, and delightful. She loves her baths and having her hair brushed, (not in that order, hair must be dry!) She is constantly following me, she is my shadow. She loves to come up to me in middle of night for some love and affection, (smart!~she knows she has undivided attention) I often play as I don’t notice, to see how persistent she will get. She will nuzzle, snuggle, nuzzle I often get down on her plush and give her lovins. She is quiet, well mannered, and calm. Can’t wait to see her as a mommy. 

    DOB: 07/23/2017

    Weight: 12 lbs

  • Aspen


    Aspen is a toy Eskie. A purebred Papered Purple Ribbon champion lines American Eskimo. She loves playing, rolling, showing off, and being pampered. Wonderful temperament, and most important great health. She has quite the pedigree.

    DOB: 07/23/2017

    Weight: 10 lbs

  • Jasmine


    Bundle of love, wrapped in a well temperament. Well socialized, fluff ball of pure Eskie. Very well natured, happy as can be. Loves everyone! Jasmine is sweet, joyful mama to be. 

    Weight: 9 lbs